You have heard you are being entered into a batch. But you’re a bit confused about what it is, how it works and why Honeypot uses it to organize your job hunt. In this post, we chat to Fabio, one of Honeypot’s hardworking Talent Reps to figure it all out.

Ok, first things first, what exactly is a batch?

A batch is a group of thirty plus developer profiles which become visible to hiring companies at the same time. We release a batch every two weeks and they are largely composed of new profiles.

If a developer is in a batch is their profile visible to companies?

Yes, exactly! Before entry into a batch and after exit from a batch, your profile on Honeypot is invisible. During the batch, when your profile is visible, companies can send you interview invites for job roles. Within the invites, the salary will be mentioned and the role will be described. You can accept or reject these invites.

How can a developer get into a batch?

First you need to request an invite to join Honeypot. We do a quick interview - maybe you’ll end up talking to me! And then we check code samples. Once the minimum screening requirements are met you are ready to be entered into a batch and we will inform you of the date.

How do you decide which profiles to include in a batch?

We look at the earliest start date of the developer. Even if a developer has to fulfill a minimum contract time, it can still be a good idea to enter a batch two to three months ahead. We then try to match the skills and ideal position of the developers to the skills that the companies are looking for.

Can a developer change or add some info to their profile once the batch is active?

Yes, just click edit profile and add whatever information is relevant there. But it’s much better to have it all ready beforehand!

Why is the job hunt organized in batches?

This is the most efficient way to organize the search. By releasing new profiles every two weeks, companies have an incentive to be quick to contact developers with job offers. We are proud to count some of Berlin’s coolest startups as our clients. They use Honeypot because there is a constant in-flow of new talent.

Can a developer be included in two or more concurrent batches?

Yes in some cases they can. This would happen when there is a large number of companies looking for that particular skillset.

Will there be tweaks to the system in the future?

Yes, we will be tweaking the way the batches are organized, the frequency of release and the number of profiles visible, for example. We are constantly getting feedback from users and from companies about what works best. If you have any feedback, feel free to write to me.

Anything else to add?

Oh yes! We add a headline to developer profiles before they go live in the batch. This is a 70-character summary highlighting key skills and experience which should give you better chances of finding your ideal position. Keep an eye on your emails because we will send it out for your feedback a couple of days prior!

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Fabio Migliorini

Fabio Migliorini

Fabio is a Talent Rep at Honeypot. He spends a lot of time talking to developers about their ideal positions. He is currently learning ukulele!