Are you a student trying to choose your first programming language? Or perhaps you are an experienced developer wondering which backend language should I learn next? Regardless of motivation, accessing information about new technologies has never been easier, but how does one navigate this jungle of coding languages? In order to make your life a little easier, Honeypot has created this guide for backend developers to salary ranges and demand for backend developers in Berlin, followed by our picks for the top 25 Berlin-based companies split by technology:



What’s the story behind these numbers? Why is there such a big difference between the salaries and demand of each programming language? Well, it’s more or less question of supply and demand: Scala is this “sexy” new language - very popular, but Scala developers are rare. Therefore companies are willing to pay extra to secure a Scala programmer.

Top Companies looking for Scala developers


Industry: Internet

“Modern, private communications”


Industry: Photography

“Find New Perspectives - License authentic, royalty-free images from the world’s leading photo community”


Industry: Music

“SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere”


Industry: Information Technology & Services

“The “Internet of Things” is happening now - Relayr accelerates your digital transformation.”


Industry: Internet

“Unite your mobile marketing with DataLift 360 - One solution. All channels. Pure performance.”

Are you more likely to find a new job working with PHP?

While Scala might be rare and sexy, the opposite can be said for PHP. PHP is great, PHP is useful, it’s been around for years - and it does the job. You might say there is an abundance of PHP developers available to companies - which is both good and bad. On one hand finding a job with PHP will be easier as more companies will be looking to fill positions, but on the other hand it also means that companies have a greater choice, which affects salaries.

Top Companies looking for PHP developers


Industry: Travel & Tourism

“Low cost bus travel. 20000 daily connections to around 600 destinations in over 16 different European countries.”


Industry: Internet

“Help users make the best possible buying choices”


Industry: Information Technology & Services

“Bringing love back into content management: Contentful is an API-first CMS focused on the simplicity of development.”


Industry: Marketing & Advertising
“An international online marketing company in Berlin, Germany.”


Industry: Food & Beverages

“FOOD DELIVERY FROM BERLIN’S FAVOURITE RESTAURANTS - The meals you love, delivered with care”

Is Java still relevant?

Celebrating its 20th birthday this year, Java, like PHP, is one the “big boys” in the field of programming languages. Being recognised as a highly trustworthy, solid and scalable language, Java has managed to stay on top of the game for nearly twenty years - even beating C in popularity. Java developers are therefore both in high demand and can also expect a decent salary.

Top Companies looking for Java developers


Industry: Travel & Tourism

“Search hundreds of travel sites and save up to 35% on the same hotel.”


Industry: Fintech

“NUMBER26 GmbH – Europe’s most modern bank account.”


Industry: Computer Software

“Signavio offers collaborative process & decision management”


Industry: Internet

“Your score is vital!”


Industry: Fashion & Retail

“Shoes and Fashion Online”

Has Ruby peaked?

Once a trendy kid on the block it is now being argued that Ruby on Rails is dead, but is this really the case? There’s definitely lots of other “cooler” options out there if you are looking to learn something new, but Ruby is pretty straightforward and easy to learn, the Ruby community is sound and Ruby (like Java) is a very sought after language.

Top Companies looking for Ruby developers


Industry: Consumer Services

“Home Cleaning Services”


Industry: Internet

“We connect consumers with regional companies.”


Industry: Apparel & Fashion

“Be well dressed without shopping: MODOMOTO”


Industry: FinTech

“FinTech Company Builder - Reshaping Finance”


Industry: Information Technology and Services

“we create digital business: we transform promising ideas into scalable products and businesses”

What is the future of Python?

Last but not least, we’ve got Python, which has become the programming language of choice at top technical universities all over the world. Python is great for new developers, as it is fairly simple to learn, it provides a solid foundation for learning other programming languages, and besides being popular amongst academics, it has been widely adopted by startups and corporates globally.

Top Companies looking for Python developers

Lot Internet

Industry: Telecommunications

“Competitive Intelligence - Web Crawling and Scraping”


Industry: Information Technology and Services

“Free Social Parking App”


Industry: Internet

“Selling Made Simple”


Industry: Information Technology and Services

“No.1 iPad POS system for the catering industry”


Industry: Internet

“Online dating app for flirting, chatting, and getting to know people”

Kathrine Nicolaisen

Kathrine Nicolaisen

Kathrine is Marketing Manager at Honeypot. Originally from Denmark, she spent 4 years in London focusing on art, fashion and business, before moving to Berlin to explore the tech and start-up scene in the city.