Ruby was developed in the mid-1990s by Yukihiro Matsumoto, as an object-oriented scripting language, which was more robust and flexible than either Python or Perl. The release of the Rails framework in 2004 catapulted Ruby to fame outside Japan and since then a passionate open-source community has developed. Today the language is used in production at many tech companies.

Ruby’s importance is reflected in the demand for Ruby developers among European startups. On Honeypot, Ruby is the second most popular language, following JavaScript, and according to our data, the average salary for a Ruby developer in Berlin is between €48,500 and €57,300, though it is higher for more senior developers. Ruby is part of our own tech stack and the following list is an ode to Matz and our favourite Ruby blogs, forums and newsletters.

  1. Matz - blog of the Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto (‘Matz’), not updated since 2014, but still worth reading - 日本語を分かれば ;)


    Alexa Rank: 152,292

  2. Netflix techblog - tech blog by the Netflix team on topics around their code structure, architecture, open-sources solutions and design patterns

    Alexa Rank: 39

  3. the evolving ultrasaurus - blog led by Sarah Allen, co-founder of RailsBridge and language-learning startup Mightyverse. She formerly co-founded CoSA, the company that created Adobe After Effects. Blogging about leadership, team culture and Ruby.

    @ultrasaurus: 8,675 followers

    Alexa Rank: 1,601,453

  4. Virtuous code - Avdi Grimm writes about Ruby on Rails, OOP and coding standards. Avdi is a software developer and a host of Ruby Tapas webcasts [17]. Author of Objects on Rails

    @avdi: 17.4k followers

    Alexa Rank: 799,580

  5. Sandi Metz - Sandi Metz is a veteran programmer, avid speaker and author of Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby. She writes about flexible object-oriented code in Ruby and Rails.

    @sandimetz: 19.6k followers

    Alexa Rank: 410,363

  6. KYTRINYX - Katrina Owen is a self-taught developer with a background in Molecular Biology. She is passionate about Go and Ruby, automating workflows, making code readable and refactoring. She is the creator of exercism, an open source project that helps people improve their programming skills.

    @kytrinyx: 11.7k followers

    Alexa Rank: 5,221,035

  7. Tenderlove Making - Aaron Patterson is a Seattle-based engineer at AT&T interactive and a much-loved core contributor to Ruby, Rails and Nokogiri. He is also an avid speaker; he has spoken about Ruby and Rails at over 50 conferences world-wide in the past five years.

    @tenderlove: 34.3k followers

    Alexa Rank: 984,166

  8. Mike Perham - Mike Perham is an open source developer and founder of Contributed Systems, a company dedicated to building and supporting open-source-based application infrastructure. Mike is a winner of 2013 Ruby Hero award. He writes about IT, Ruby and Crystal.

    @mperham: 7.3k followers

    Alexa Rank: 487,289

  9. Ruby Weekly - a free, once–weekly e-mail round-up of Ruby news and articles.

    Alexa Rank: 538,412

  10. Giant Robots Smashing into Other Giant Robots - Weekly articles on Ruby on Rails (also a podcast).

    Alexa Rank ( 29,234

  11. Riding Rails - oficial Ruby on Rails blog, covering all the news and releases around Rails.

    Alexa Rank ( 8,618

  12. Arkency blog - blog by a consulting agency Arkency. Topics include Ruby, testing, API’s and JavaScript.

    Alexa Rank: 150,978

  13. RubyFlow - the Ruby and Rails community linklog.

    @rubyflow: 13.7k followers

    Alexa Rank: 249,228

  14. A fresh cup - Mike Gunderloy’s software development weblog, covering Ruby on Rails and other software-related topics. Mike is a former Microsoft software developer, who switched to Ruby - he explains why here

    @mikeg1: 2,035 followers

    Alexa Rank: 3,035,586

  15. Everyday Rails - provides general, pragmatic tips to show how to use Rails by Aaron Sumner, software Engineer at O’Reilly Media.

    @ruralocity: 1,100 followers

    Alexa Rank: 444,758

  16. Ruby5 - regular podcast on the latest news in the Ruby and Rails community

    Alexa Rank ( 5,950

  17. Blackbytes - Ruby tutorials by Jesus Castello, freelancer and consultant from Spain
    @matugm: 535 followers

    Alexa Rank: 474,285

  18. Ruby Tapas - short regular screencasts on intermediate to advanced Ruby concepts and techniques, object-oriented design principles, testing practices, refactoring skills, and much more. RubyTapas is served up by Avdi Grimm.

    @rubytapas: 1,609 followers

    Alexa Rank: 463,9658

  19. AWS Ruby blog - Ruby blog by Amazon Web Services.

    Alexa Rank: 134,035

  20. Railsware blog - blog by Railsware software and consulting company, on engineering, product management, transparency, culture and more.

  21. Forum: Ruby on Rails - Ruby on Rails community and forum

    Alexa Rank: 51,182

  22. RailsForum - Ruby on Rails community since 2006 with the aim of sharing ideas, learn new things and meet other coders.

    Alexa Rank: 251,859

  23. Akita on Rails - blog by Fabio Akita, software engineer, consultant, and Codeminer42 co-founder from São Paulo, Brazil. Blogging about Rails, microservices and startups.

    @AkitaOnRails: 14.5k followers

    Alexa Rank: 262,482

  24. Samurails - Thibault Denizet, software engineer working at Pocket Playlab in Bangkok, writing about Rails and Web APIs.

    @T_Dnzt: 312 followers

    Alexa Rank: 459,080

  25. RailsApps: useful and engaging Rails tutorials and articles by Daniel Kehoe, veteran programmer and author of Learn Ruby on Rails

    @rails_apps: 14.7k followers

    Alexa Rank: 743,994

  26. Steve Klabnik - Steve Klabnik is an instructor with JumpStartLab, an open source contributor, writing about Ruby, Rust and philosophy

    @steveklabnik: 19.2k followers

    Alexa Rank : 625,661

  27. Ruby Rogues - Podcast in the form of a panel discussion about topics relating to programming, careers, community, and Ruby.

    @rubyrogues: 12.4k followers

    Alexa Rank (devchat): 202,543

  28. The Buckblog - blog by Jamis Buck, former software engineer at Basecamp, on topics around code and programming challenges.

    @jamis: 6,895 followers

    Alexa Rank: 614,967

  29. Schneems - Richard Schneeman, Ruby Hero and software engineer at Heroku. Runs @keeprubyweird. Posts on performance and best practices.

    @schneems: 6,596 followers
    Alexa Rank: 845,896

  30. Pat Shaughnessy - Pat Shaughnessy, rubyist, creator of a few gems and self-published author of Ruby Under a Microscope.

    @pat_shaughnessy: 3,889 followers

    Alexa Rank: 628,069

  31. Programming Zen - personal blog of Antonio Cangiano, Software Developer and Technical Evangelist at IBM, as part of the Emerging Technologies team within the Analytics group. Writes about Ruby, popularity of programming languages and gives programming tips.

    @acangiano: 3,955 followers

    Alexa Rank: 684,227

  32. Trivium - tubmleblog by German-based software engineer Christian Neukirchen on the topics around Ruby, math, Unix and the Internet.

    @chneukirchen: 1,151 followers

    Alexa Rank: 1,862,600

  33. Joseph Wilk - Joseph Wilk, former Lead Engineer at SoundCloud, artist, programmer and live coding performer, interested in topics like kanban, testing, Go AI, creative coding, live coding and startups.

    @josephwilk: 2,295 followers

    Alexa Rank: 1,649,552

  34. Andy Croll - Andy Croll is a designer, developer, conference organizer, author and speaker. He blogs about Ruby, bootstrapping and mobile development.

    @andycroll: 2,065 followers

    Alexa Rank: 2,234,291

  35. Martin Fowler - Martin Fowler is a software engineer at ThoughtWorks, an author and a speaker. He writes about productivity of development teams, good software design and agile practices.

    @martinfowler: 190k followers

    Alexa Rank: 26,326

  36. WyeWorks blog - a blog by a team of web developers and design experts who collaborate through agile practices and Ruby on Rails technology.

    @wyeworks: 804 followers

    Alexa Rank: 714,829

  37. Big Nerd Ranch blog - blog by software company, Big Nerg Ranch, covering topics around frontend development, Ruby, Elixir and many others

    @bignerdranch: 11.7k followers

    Alexa Rank: 44,273

  38. Fred Wu - Fred is a software engineer and open source contributor from Australia, writing about Ruby, UI/UX and Elixir.

    @fredwu: 2,651 followers

    Alexa Rank: 1,469,501

  39. rails// Collective Idea - blog by a team of engineers that collaborate to make software applications. Along with Ruby on Rails topics, they write about mobile and frontend development.

    @collectiveidea: 1,042 followers

    Alexa Rank: 342,626

  40. - Ilya Grigorik, web performance engineer at Google and co-chair of W3C Webperf WG, writing about resilience of software applications and networks.

    @igrigorik : 51.8k followers

    Alexa Rank: 265,400

  41. [ squarism ] - Chris Dillon, software engineer from USA, writing about Ruby and devops with elaborate code samples.

    @squarism: 461 followers

    Alexa Rank: 3,295,095

  42. Culttt - a collection of articles on business, technology, design and the Internet founded by Philip Brown. Along with Ruby on Rails, topics include Elixir and web design patterns.

    @culttt: 1,560 followers

    @philipbrown: 2,119 followers

    Alexa Rank: 107,583

  43. Awesome Ruby Newsletter - a weekly overview of the most popular Ruby news, articles and gems.

    @RubyLibHunt: 46 followers

    Alexa Rank (libhunt): 89,204

  44. Brandon Hilkert - Brandon is a software engineer and CTO from the USA, writing mostly about Ruby and Rails development and documenting his experiences building products

    @brandonhilkert: 1,481 followers

    Alexa Rank: 712,101

  45. Jakub Chodounský - Jakub Chodounský, Ruby on Rails software developer, blogging about Ruby, TDD and leading teams.

    @jakubgarfield: 268 followers

    Alexa Rank: 1,317,830

Sasha Pliusnina

Sasha Pliusnina

Sasha is a Talent Rep at Honeypot. Born in Ukraine, she relocated to Germany because of her (inexplicable) love of the German language. Sasha spends most of her free time in book-shops, listening to Chet Baker.