To be successful in hiring developers, you should evaluate your hiring process as you would the UX of your product. Developers are hugely in demand and going the extra mile with employer branding is key to hiring a great team. In this post, we list five of the top things developers want to know before accepting a job.

1. Team

Introduce the developer to the members of the team they’ll be joining. After introducing the developer to his future teammates, why not follow up by sending links to their Github profile? This way developers have time to analyze the code and workstyle of your team. It’s better to work with people that have a similar mindset to you, right? ;)

2. Company Products

Developers want to work on something that matters and gets them excited. This is your moment to shine. Your recruitment team should know your mission and your product vision inside out. What do you hope to achieve with your product? What services do you provide and what value do you offer?

3. Tech Stack

This is probably the most crucial part of the communication between you and a potential candidate. Give a detailed list of the tools and technologies that make up your company’s tech stack. Developers want to see if your tech stack matches their skillset. Don’t forget to also mention your workflow style. As an extra tip, you can also mention tools and technologies that you are thinking of implementing in the future, so the developer can see that you are keen on learning new things.

4. Timeline

How did everything start? Developers want to know the story behind the company. Think about creating a document which shares all the important dates and milestones of your company. You can even share future plans, so developers can get a feel of your direction.

5. Company Life

What makes your company culture so special? Developers value friendly and fun work environments which encourage learning. Don’t forget the amazing perks you offer. Oh, and that tech meetup you attend every month. Add some nice images from your office space and your team events to your careers page. That way developers can imagine themselves right there!

Taking a user-centric approach to your interview process will boost your company’s reputation as a friendly place to work. On Honeypot, every company hiring developers has a company profile, listing these five key elements. Companies with more detailed profiles have their interview invitations and job offers accepted at a significantly higher rate.

Get into a culture of pitching your company during the interview process with developers - in the end it’s not just the developer who has to convince you, you have to convince the developer!

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Andreas-Ioannis Loupasakis

Andreas-Ioannis Loupasakis

Andreas is a Customer Success Manager at Honeypot. Originally from Greece, he moved to Berlin to explore the tech start-up scene. Always up for a nice walk around Berlin and for some tasty Greek white wine.