We hosted our first tech meetup last Wednesday, to a packed crowd of about 65 developers, in the new offices of TechCode near Alexanderplatz. GraphQL was the topic and we had three talks from Oleg Iiyenko, author of Sangria, a Scala GraphQL implementation, Johannes Schickling, Co-founder of Graph.cool and Yann Simon, a Scala backend developer.

Facebook released an initial GraphQL specification in July 2015, alongside a Javascript reference implementation. Since that time, GraphQL implmentations in various languages have emerged.

There were three talks on the evening, giving an introduction to GraphQL and then showing backend and frontend uses.

Introduction to GraphQL: why, how and what?

The first talk of the evening was by Oleg Ilyenko, the author of Sangria, a Scala GraphQL implementation.

Twitter: @easyangel

GitHub: OlegIlyenko

Optimizing response times with GraphQL - an experiment with MongoDB and ElasticSearch by Yann Simon

Twitter: @simon_yann

Github: yanns

How to use GraphQL in the frontend today?

In the final talk, Johannes Schickling, Co-founder of graph.cool, introduced how you can use Relay, Lokka and Appollo with GraphQL in your own project today.

Please use the keyboard to scroll through this presentation! :)

Twitter: @_schickling

GitHub: https://github.com/schickling

GraphQL Resources

  1. GraphQL Weekly: A weekly newsletter best news, articles and projects about GraphQL.
  2. Zero To GraphQL: Examples of GraphQL endpoints created using various languages/frameworks
  3. GraphQL: Where it all started!

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