Knowing what to include in a job profle can be tricky. Honeypot’s got your back with a step-by-step guide to creating a great profile on our platform. Follow these guidelines to make the most out of your profile and get lots of interview invites!

1) First things first - What are you working on right now?

  • Include where you are at in your career while looking for a new job - this will help companies better understand what your situation is like.

  • Add a short description of your daily tasks and write about any current projects you have - a good way to demonstrate what you are actively doing and which programming languages you are most up-to-date with.

  • Be sure to include which project you’re most proud of working on - this will demonstrate your passion for your work and show that you enjoy what you do.

  • Add work location preferences as long as they are within our active markets - Doing this at the beginning of your profile will let the company know about it upfront. If you’d like to work in Munich because of Oktoberfest, don’t be afraid to write that into your profile.

2) What is your speciality as a developer?

It’s important to show which programming languages or skills you have specialized in. This will help you stand out when managers are looking to hire.

Post the languages you have worked with most recently, along with the ones that you have the most experience in and would like to continue working with.

3) Tech-Stack

List each language that you have worked in, along with the number of years of experience you have in each:

  • Tech 1 (years of experience)
  • Tech 2 (years of experience)
  • Tech 3….etc.

Years of Experience Photo

Include your main programming languages and frameworks (+ years of experience), also any unit testing, working methodologies, or platforms that you use, etc. This is an especially important step if you are a junior coder, so be sure to include links to your personal projects to give companies insight into your work (Stack overflow, github, etc.). Also, include any tech conferences you have been to, and other ways you are involved with programming, like teaching or volunteering. Online courses such as MOOCS are also good to mention.

4) Open up and be personal

Have a friendly smiling profile photo. Your profile picture and profile don’t have to be ultra-professional. Loosening up will show hiring managers your personality which is a very good thing, after all they want to know what it will be like to work with you.

Smiling Bear Profile

5) Additional accreditation:

Be sure to include any additional accreditation that you may have including: Scrum master certification, Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional, Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer, etc. Also include any education you have like a bachelor/master’s degree or doctorate.

6) Why you’re leaving your current position - What you have learned in your previous job that will help in finding a new job?

It’s important to explain why you are willing to change jobs, so that companies are not worried about you leaving them after only a few months. Honesty is good here, whether it be that you want to try something else, or move to a different city. If you had a more difficult reason to leave like disagreements with a coworker or boss, you should be careful in describing what happened and focus on how you dealt with it so that it won’t happen in the future.

7) What would be your ideal next position?

What did you love about your previous job? What didn’t you like? Including these details will help your future employer better understand what you’re looking for!


To finish off your profile, be sure to include if you are a European citizen or not. Likewise, we are here to answer any work Visa related questions, or you can check out our blog post related to EU work permit assistance! Be sure to include if you have an EU work permit or not on the first line of your profile.

EU Work Permit Question

P.S. Be sure not to make the mistake of leaving your profile empty! Your dedicated Honeypot talent rep is here if you need anything, and is more than happy to help :)

Hunter Wright

Hunter Wright

Hunter is Honeypot's Community & Content Manager. As an American living in Germany, Hunter brings his Nashville country roots to the big city life of Berlin startups.