As a rapidly growing European startup hub, the number of jobs for developers in Berlin is ever increasing. And along with that development comes a vibrant IT-community with plenty of events and meetups to go to. In order to bring together the female contingent of this community and share experiences, knowledge and help each others on the career track, we have created a list of meetups and groups for female developers in Berlin.

Geek Girls Carrots

Geek Girls Carrots is a community focused on bringing women in tech together for educational and motivational purposes. Geek Girls Carrots organizes meetups, workshops and other events in Poland, Germany, USA, Luxembourg, France, Ireland, UK, Japan, Portugal, Gibraltar and Israel. The Berlin group has more than 1000 members and organizes meetups with talks, dedicated to various IT-related subjects, like big data and product management.

Women who Code

Women who Code is a non-profit global organization created with an aim to inspire and motivate women to become professionals in technology field. It is present in 50 cities all over the world and has a dedicated meetup group with over 600 members in Berlin. WomenwhoCode organize regular meetups, study groups, hackathons and talk nights. Throughout 2015, Women who code has organized around 2,000 free events around the world. The WomenwhoCode talk night event in Berlin is organized on the monthly basis and usually features 2-3 inspiring and educational talks from female role models, working in tech industry.

Women Techmakers

Women Techmakers belongs to Google developers community and was started in 2012 by the VP of Google Megan Smith. For the past two years the Women Techmakers community has organized over 200 global events across 52 countries in order to provide visibility, resources and networking opportunities for women in technology. In Berlin, Women Techmakers organizes workshops and lectures on a regular basis.


Geekettes is a community focused on helping aspiring and established female tech innovators through organizing of meetups, hackathons and providing a mentorship program. The organization currently has chapters in Berlin, Hamburg, London, Maastricht, Portugal, NYC, and Minneapolis. Berlin Meetup group has 600+ members and they meet regularly.

Rails Girls

Rails Girls is a non-profit community, created in 2010 with an aim to provide tools and support for women willing to learn programming. Rails Girls organize workshops, led by experienced Ruby on Rails developers who are eager to help newbies and are open to questions. In order to provide efficiency, the group sizes are usually kept small, having one dedicated coach per two or three learners.


PyLadies is global mentorship group dedicated to help more women to become a part of a Python open-source community. The group’s mission is to promote, educate and advance a diverse Python community through organizing open-source conferences, events and meetups. The organization was created in Los Angeles in April 2011 and is currently represented in around 40 cities. Monthly meetups usually have a short talk and workshop.

Django Girls

DjangoGirls provide free programming workshops for women interested in learning how to create a website using Python and Django. You don’t need to have any previous experience in programming to attend the workshops, which are in English. Django girls was founded in Berlin in 2014. In 2016 they have events planned across the world, in cities such as Oslo, Oxford, Lagos, Portland and Mexico City.

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Sasha Pliusnina

Sasha Pliusnina

Sasha is a Talent Rep at Honeypot. Born in Ukraine, she relocated to Germany because of her (inexplicable) love of the German language. Sasha spends most of her free time in book-shops, listening to Chet Baker.