In the mid-1980s, while the number of women entering medicine, law and physical science studies began to accelerate, the number of women entering computer science began to fall dramatically. This infographic asks why and looks at the impact that shift has had on modern day software development.


What happened to women in computer science?

  • In the mid-80s the number of women in computer science began to drop.
  • Some argue this is because of the rise of the personal computer and its strong association with boys.
  • Male computer science graduates highly outnumber female computer science graduates in the US. This pattern is repeated in Europe too.
  • Less women entering computer science education means less female technologists entering the workforce
  • Less that 1/3 of software developers in the US are women.
  • Once women enter technology careers the quit rate (41%) is higher than for men (17%).

How can companies promote women in tech?

  • Promote learning opportunities for younger female developers
  • Encourage female developers to speak up and pursue “creator” roles
  • Foster mentors and role models

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Johanna Dahlroos

Johanna Dahlroos

Johanna is Honeypot’s graphic designer. A Finnish dog-lover with a passion for art, architecture and snowboarding, she’s up for any challenge – as long as enough coffee is provided.