Hey, developer! You might have heard that we’re looking for authors who can share their secrets with our community - well, it’s true. We need experts who are in the biz and want to share their advice and knowledge with other developers in the community. If you’ve got some killer stories to tell or some ideas about growth and career development, we’d love to hear about it.

Why we need writers

While we care about helping developers find their dream jobs, we care equally about helping developers thrive in those jobs and in their careers. We don’t claim to know it all, and that’s why we’re asking you (actual developers!) to share your stories and advice with the rest of the community.

What’s in it for you?

Once published, thousands of developers from around the globe will have access to your work. You’ll be able to share your thoughts with the rest of Europe and beyond - among them your friends, colleagues, employers, potential clients and everyone in between. You’ll also be able to impact the lives of those in your community of developers, programmers and engineers.

And yes, if your work is really good, we will pay you for it. But please don’t be offended if we choose not to offer you compensation. To make the decision super clear please link us to your blog or work, and then pitch us an idea. We will get back to you straight away with an answer.

What to send us

You can submit a rough draft, an outline, or a short pitch of the idea. Remember - this is for original content so make sure you haven’t written about your idea before. Include a link to your portfolio or blog so we can get an idea of your writing skill and expertise.

We want to hear all of you ideas, but first, make sure of the following:

  • You have something original to share - from personal experience or well-researched.
  • It’s not just a list of tips and tricks - this ain’t Buzzf**d.
  • Your claims are fact-checked - cite where appropriate.
  • You adhere to our style guide. You can find some potential topics there.
  • That the work is written for developers (software engineers, CTO’s, web developers etc.,) We don’t care about anyone else (just kidding).

What NOT to send us

  • Work that does not belong to you (obviously this is unethical).
  • Tutorials, guides and technical topics - while these are awesome, it’s not our focus. We want content around the softer side of development which developers from all walks of life can understand and relate to.
  • Unsolicited pictures. No further explanation needed.

What NOT to do

Please don’t break our hearts by over-promising and under-delivering. We are working to our own deadlines here and can’t possibly chase everyone up. If we agree to a date, a deadline, a price - please honour it. And only commit if you have the time and can actually follow through.

If you are writing about personal experiences from the workplace, don’t name names. It’ll just make everyone sad.

What we’ll be publishing

We will publish articles ranging from 900 - 2,500+ words. But just because it meets the word limit doesn’t necessarily mean it’s set to be published. The editorial team will have the final say. While all submissions are most welcome, we are biased towards well written, well-researched, story-driven content which fits our audience.

Here’s what we wanna know:

  • What are some of the challenges you face? Why?
  • What are some of the challenges you have overcome? How? We like anecdotes, hard facts, observations, opinions — hit us with it all. We don’t cover deep technical topics; think about the softer side of software engineering.
  • Crazy stories from the workplace.
  • …or talk about life around code. Open source, productivity tips etc.

How to submit

Okay, so we’ve agreed to your article and have sent you an Agreement. The final stage is submitting your work to us. Here is how it’s done:

  • Share the article via Google Docs via link. Select the option in link sharing, ‘Anyone with link can access and edit.’
  • Attach accompanying images (make sure they aren’t copyrighted, and give credit to author)
  • Attach a profile picture and a short bio about yourself (two sentences max)

What happens next?

No articles will be published until April, so please allow us some time to work our magic (reviewing, editing and uploading, etc.) We’ll give you a heads up before the article goes live. Unfortunately we can’t give you an exact date until right before publication.

Everything submitted will be reviewed by our editors. If we change something please don’t be offended by this — we just want to make every post as successful as it can be. It could be the case that headlines and subheadings may change and links may be added for greater context.

Cross posting is okay, but we do have a few rules.
If posting on your personal site or blog, please use a canonical so that there is no double up in the eyes of Google
Please link back to us. A sentence like “Originally posted on Honeypot.io [link]” - something like this is fine.

One final thing. Please wait at least three weeks before posting on your blog or elsewhere after we publish it ourselves. This is really important. It will make us pretty sad if this happens.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you know anyone else who fits the description send them our way or share this post! Thanks from the future!

P.S. If you have some previous great work which you think will fit well with our new platform, let us know and we can discuss hosting it there too.


Honeypot Editorial Team

Stefan Kingham

Stefan Kingham

Stefan is Honeypot's Content Manager. When he's not reaching out for backlinks, Stefan likes to write about tech, make music, and support his beloved AFC.