Hiring developers is hard. Really hard. And it’s hard for many reasons. It’s not just the scarcity of good developers that’s challenging, it’s also the difficulty of understanding their skills, judging their code, measuring cultural fit, and on and on it goes.

Honeypot was founded with all this in mind. We have been through all that pain and want to make the process of hiring the perfect developer a little easier for all sides. So here’s the five ways we are making hiring developers more efficient:

  1. How can you understand when a developer’s code is good or bad?

    Solution: The developer’s code is checked before they join Honeypot

    Judging a developer’s code for non-technical people is always a challenge. But before a developer gets accepted to Honeypot, they submit a code sample or take a code challenge. We check the way code is organised and tested, the readme, the size of methods, use of concepts like singletons, global variable classes and lots of other small stuff. Knowing that all the developers on Honeypot can code makes the whole process just that little bit easier.

  2. How do you know if a developer is actively looking for a new position or not?

    Solution: Filter for candidates by technologies, location, years of experience – and earliest start date!

    Developers are released onto the platform in groups, known as batches. We use batches to avoid the problem of a dead database. This means lots of fresh faces; to be part of the batch the developer has to be actively looking for a new role. Easy-peasy!

  3. How do you judge what motivates a developer?

    Solution: Know the candidate’s ideal position through their personal profile

    This is a valuable feature. We don’t just let developers describe what they have done but also what they would ideally do. Knowing a candidate’s preferences for technologies lets you plan for the future and think about where to fit them in as your grow and develop.

    Oh, and isn’t it just better for everyone involved with salary demands are laid out from the start!

  4. How can I speed up the recruitment process of developers?

    Solution: Contact any candidate directly through an Interview Invite

    The developers whose profiles are live on the site are those who are actively looking for jobs. This cuts out the annoying hit and miss of direct sourcing. The interview invite is your opportunity to contact developers directly. Act quick to get there before other companies.

  5. How can I convince a developer that we are a cool company?

    Solution: Present your company in Company Profiles feature

    We will automatically create a company profile for you from the assets you provide. The more complete the profile the higher the chance of hiring the developer.

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Joana Monteiro

Joana Monteiro

Joana is Honeypot’s Client Development Manager. She is Portuguese and likes Irish coffee on Mondays. You can reach out to her directly.