As a Senior HR Manager, Greg Penola oversees HR for Rover’s European workforce. While reviewing recruitment costs, Greg observed that tech hiring at Rover was becoming expensive and the process unusually slow. With Honeypot’s help, he and Rover’s recruiting team cut tech hiring costs by an outstanding 45%.

About Rover

  • Working location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Tech team headcount: 37
  • Tech stacks: Python, React, Django, React Native, Typescript

Based in Seattle, Rover connects pet lovers with pet sitters, enabling even the busiest people to experience the joy of pet ownership.

Overseeing the European recruitment process, part of Greg’s responsibilities is finding tech candidates based in Barcelona who possess the skills and value sets necessary to seamlessly integrate into Rover’s pet-loving team.

The Challenge

Time-consuming recruitment process

Filling Rover’s tech positions proved to be a time-consuming challenge for their recruiting team.

Despite utilising multiple channels, including events, job boards, recruitment agencies, and active sourcing, the overall time to find suitable candidates took over 3 months.

High cost-per-hire

All of those various sourcing methods led to high costs for Rover.

Greg observed, ‘We weren’t satisfied. Hiring became very expensive. It became clear that we needed to reduce costs and expedite our hiring process.’

Quote: We operate within a certain budget and our team wasn't able to fill the roles with the right caliber of candidates.

The solution

Prescreened candidates

To ensure an engaged talent pool, Honeypot employs a rigorous pre-screening process. Through personal interviews and coding tests, only the top 20% of tech talents gain access to Honeypot’s hiring platform.

With Rover’s team achieving a talent response rate above 91%, Greg notes: ‘We wouldn’t find suitable candidates within our time frame without using Honeypot.’

Decrease in hiring time

On Honeypot, Greg and his team filtered candidates based on criteria such as, candidate’s tech stack, preferred working conditions, and salary expectations.

This approach allowed them to extend interview invitations exclusively to matching candidates, significantly reducing their time-to-hire from an average of 3-4 months to just 45 days.

Lowered hiring cost

Thanks to this newfound efficiency, Rover’s recruiting team could re-evaluate their recruiting channels. After introducing Honeypot to the mix, Rover was able to cut their overall tech hiring costs by 45%.

Quote: Using Honeypot is a no-brainer. It grants access to exceptional tech talent while significantly reducing the company's cost-per-hire.


Rover's results

Greg on finding suitable candidates on Honeypot

Greg notes: ‘The hires we’ve made so far really align with our company values and culture. They’ve quickly settled in and it feels like they’ve been with us for a long time.’

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