Marcel Panse, CTO and co-founder of Unless, was in the middle of hiring for a number of roles during his startup’s rapid growth stage. With so much work to do, he needed to hire tech talent quickly and efficiently. Turning to Honeypot, Marcel successfully discovered and hired a perfect match in just 14 days.

About Unless

  • Working location: the Netherlands
  • Tech team headcount: 3
  • Tech stacks: Typescript, Serverless AWS, React.js, Astro

Started as a garage project, Unless has evolved into an end-to-end platform facilitating multi-channel, AI-powered conversational search focused on boosting internal productivity and ensuring customer success.

Marcel attracts developers by promoting its small team structure that offers substantial responsibility, flexible work arrangements, and involvement in the exciting field of generative AI.

The challenge

Time-consuming application reviews

Relying on a ‘post-and-pray’ approach, Marcel encountered the challenge of investing excessive time in reviewing job applications.

This diverted his focus from leading the team and optimising Unless’ product.

Unqualified talent pool

The majority of inbound applications did not align with the basic job requirements clearly outlined in Marcel’s job ad.

This discrepancy made it nearly impossible for Marcel to find candidates suitable for the first interview.


The solution

Efficient candidate shortlisting

Every week, Honeypot gives clients access to over 300 new tech talents actively seeking job opportunities on the platform.

Marcel was able to easily navigate this talent pool by filtering candidates based on criteria like location, tech stack, language proficiency, and salary expectations. With Honeypot, Marcel can swiftly identify fitting candidates with just a few clicks.

By extending interview invitations only to candidates with requisite qualifications, Marcel accomplished an outstanding 100% response rate and a 100% interview acceptance rate.

Pre-qualified talent

Honeypot’s internal team conducts initial interviews and coding tests for every tech talent seeking access to the platform.

This thorough assessment ensures that candidates shortlisted by Marcel not only indicate openness to a job change but also authentically possess the skills highlighted on their profiles. The meticulous vetting process helped enhance Marcel’s hiring confidence and speed, enabling him to secure a new hire in just 14 days.



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