Today, we are announcing a new way to take control over your company’s profile on Honeypot. We recently launched an all new Company Profile Page where your organization can present itself to developers. Before this update, these pages were curated by Honeypot’s Customer Success team based on your feedback. Now, we are opening them to be directly managed by you.

Honeypot’s mission is to get every developer a great job and we believe to do so it is important that developers have extensive, up-to-date information about a potential employer. For companies competing for in-demand developers, sharing information about themselves, their product, tech stack and team is the name of the game. Salary and free Mate are becoming less and less of a distinction.

View of the company profile

What’s important?

When a developer receives your invitation for an interview on Honeypot, they don’t just see the job you offer but also your company profile. The things that many developers care about are:

  • The product: What are you building? What is the impact you want to have?
  • The team: Who are the would-be team members? Do they have open source contributions?
  • The tech stack: Will they work with Ruby or PHP, MySQL or Postgresql?
  • The perks: Do you offer free Mate, Hackathons or an office dog?

Answering these questions on your company profile can increase your chances for successful matches with developers. Oh, and adding some photos can’t hurt either!

Soo, where to start?

You can find and edit your company profile by accessing it from the dropdown in the navigation bar:

Company profile edit in the navigation bar

Happy editing!

PS, if you want to get more insights into how to make your company profile stand out, get in touch with Ewelina or Sviatlana for some inspiration and tips.

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