At Honeypot, monitoring the tech job market is part of our job. As
expected, tech teams are growing in size and complexity amid the
shortage of experienced tech
We have decided to step up our game and enable you to expand your team further by
using Honeypot.

As a leading developer-focused job platform in Europe, we have
identified roles in high demand that were previously not supported.

We are happy to announce that from today onwards, recruiters using
Honeypot will be able to fill vacancies for three new tech roles.

Honeypot adds new roles: Cloud Engineer, QA & Test Engineer, and Data Analyst

1. Cloud Engineer

Deploying cloud services or scaling up your cloud resources will quickly
fall to the ground without an in-house expert. Cloud engineers are the
masterminds behind cloud infrastructure design, planning, management,
and maintenance. If your processes still live on hard drives and
servers, keep Honeypot top of mind for once they go up in the cloud.

2. QA & Test Engineer

The biggest mistake in deploying software is doing it on Friday. How
about the second biggest? It is going live without proper quality
assurance. That is where QA & test engineers come in. They are
responsible for creating and running tests that identify software issues
to fix before the product launch. By adding this role, Honeypot is one
step closer to completing our “Bug Eradication” mission.

3. Data Analyst

When in trouble, who are you gonna call? When running a
non-ghost-related business, you should get in touch with a data analyst.
Mastering various analysis tools, they gather and break down vast
amounts of data points and transform them into actionable information.
Honeypot talents are ready to help you lead your team with data-driven

Alright, how should I start?

Well, the first prerequisite would be signing up to
Honeypot. When
that’s out of the way, follow these easy steps:

  • Log in;

  • Navigate to the “Search Talent” page;

  • Find the “Roles” section among filters on the left side of the screen;

  • Mark the newly added roles.

Voila, you can now browse their profiles. Happy hiring!

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Product Team

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