You might recall the news when, in 2019, Honeypot was acquired by New Work SE, joining a group of leading European recruiting brands such as XING and kununu. All of these companies strive towards a better working world.

Today we are going one step further. As of August 2023, the legal entity Honeypot GmbH has merged into New Work SE. This merger means Honeypot has the opportunity to work with even more exciting companies, providing tech talents with many more opportunities for their next career move.

For tech talents this means you can expect the opportunity to work with and hear from even more exciting companies. That means many more opportunities for your next career move.

Meanwhile clients can expect a smooth transition with virtually no changes to how they work with us.


For tech talents, there’s no need to take any action.

  • Will I have to pay to use Honeypot as a talent? No, the Honeypot platform continues to be, as always, free for developers and tech talent.
  • Will I need to update my account or password? Nope, no need to change anything.
  • Will I get a new Talent Success Advisor? No, if you already have a TSA, they will remain the same.

For clients, there’s also no need to take any action.

  • Will we need to sign a new contract? No, the contractual relationship will automatically pass to New Work SE. No need for you to do anything.
  • Will we need new accounts or information in order to use the Honeypot platform? No, you do not need a new account or password to use Honeypot and all of your data on Honeypot remains unchanged.
  • Will I get a new Client Success Manager? No, if you already have a CSM, they will remain the same. While all Honeypot employees are now employees of New Work SE / onlyfy, there is no other change.
  • Will there be a change to invoices? Yes, in the future all invoices you receive for Honeypot will be in the name of New Work SE.
  • Where will I get the updated legal information? You will receive an email with details about our new legal entity name, VAT-ID (Umsatzsteuer-ID), and Commercial Register number (Handelsregisternummer).

Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your TSA, CSM, or [email protected].



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