Jonathan, Belden’s EMEA tech recruiter, used Honeypot to overcome the company’s limited brand recognition among developers. This allowed him to effectively reach his target audience and lower hiring costs.

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About Belden

With a legacy of 120 years in cable manufacturing, Belden has evolved into a global player and hidden champion of the industrial automation industry.

As a Tech Recruiter, Jonathan takes pride in Belden’s collaborative and inclusive work culture. During interviews with developers, he confidently offers an opportunity to contribute to meaningful work that directly shapes our future.

The challenge

Limited brand recognition

As the Belden brand is relatively unknown in the developer community, talented developers rarely respond to their job postings.

Consequently, Jonathan made the decision to completely cease using job boards as a sourcing channel.

High hiring need

As the sole Tech Recruiter responsible for all of Belden’s EMEA locations, products, and entities, Jonathan often faces the challenge of simultaneously handling over 50 open positions.

High hiring cost

High hiring needs coupled with the ineffectiveness of job boards led Belden to heavily rely on external agencies for tech recruitment, resulting in significant hiring costs.

Quote: Finding tech talent is our biggest challenge as Belden is growing rapidly in the booming Industry 4.0 market.

The solution

Hiring cost reduction

In order to get the Belden brand in front of his target group, Jonathan utilized Honeypot for recruitment.

He was able to generate significant candidate interest. He was able to make successful hires at a fraction of the cost of hiring agencies.

Efficient sourcing

By spending a few hours each week on Honeypot, Jonathan can schedule interviews with developers. Honeypot’s efficiency enables him to dedicate more time to fill specialized roles in Belden’s R&D department.

Quote: For our German locations, Honeypot helped us handle recruitment by ourselves, cutting out agencies and saving us a lot of money.


The implementation of Honeypot as a recruitment solution has yielded exceptional outcomes for Belden.

With an impressive 85% talent response rate, Belden has successfully captured the attention of top-notch developers who are eager to join their team.

The company has also achieved 50% interview acceptance rate, showcasing the attractiveness of the opportunities at Belden.

Moreover, by leveraging Honeypot, Belden has experienced a significant 76% decrease in cost per hire compared to traditional recruiting agencies.

Download detailed success story

Jonathan on the success he had with Honeypot

Jonathan Kassner, the Tech Talent Acquisition Specialist, attributes a major milestone to Honeypot’s contribution.

In the past year, they actively reduced the number of open tech positions by over 50%, with Honeypot playing a crucial role.

This showcases how Honeypot’s effectiveness streamlined the recruitment process, enabling Belden to find the right tech talent and drive their growth and success.

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