If you haven’t so far, it might be the right time to think about hiring junior developers. With the help of the Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) you can now get a grant to support your new “Innovationsassistent”.

IBB’s Innovationsassistent program is dedicated to small and medium sized companies (SMEs) that want to hire a recent graduate (up to two years) of technical university or an institution that provides a stated recognized degree.

What is IBB?

IBB is a business development and promotion bank of the Federal Land of Berlin. IBB is actively helping Berlin to become an established center for business and industry.

What is this the IBB Innovationsassistent program about?

In a nutshell, IBB will subsidy half of your Innovationsassistent’s gross salary. Keep in mind that the maximum grant amounts to €20,000.

What are the rules of the IBB?

First of all, your company has to be registered in Berlin. On top of that, your company should be innovative and technologically-oriented. If it isn’t, then the role you are offering to your Innovationsassistent must be technology related (easy with developers!).

You can apply for a maximum of two Innovationsassistent at the same time. They should never be replacing other employees in your company. Meaning - they must be hired for newly created roles.

What is the process?

The application must be submitted to IBB prior to signing the contract with your new Innovationsassistent. Good news is - you can do it online and anytime!

If your documents are complete, IBB will make a decision within 6-8 weeks. If it’s positive, you have 3 months to finalize the hire.

If you think this could work for you please refer to IBB’s website where you can find all the neccessary information together with these application forms

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Ewe Grajko

Ewe Grajko

Ewelina is an Account Manager at Honeypot. She is from Poland and before moving to Berlin, she lived in Copenhagen. She loves Scandinavian languages, tries to read a book a month and is addicted to Friends.