Are you a HR professional looking to recruit the best tech talent or a CTO wondering how to scale up your engineering team to greatness? Whether you’re yearning to learn more about employer branding, employee experience, organizational design or reward systems, you won’t want to miss our very first Hive conference!

Hive Conference Bearpot

Hosted here in Berlin at Festsaal Kreuzberg on October 18th, Hive by Honeypot is a conference for HR Leaders, Technical Hiring Managers, CTOs and VPs of Engineering focused on all aspects of building and scaling great engineering teams. Exciting news, if we do say so ourselves!

But see, we don’t get easily excited. The events of this year’s World Cup have taught us otherwise. Nothing less than great talks from world-renowned HR and Engineering Leaders would suffice! And unlike other HR conferences, we are keeping Hive exclusive. There will only be 200 tickets released, and boy oh boy, you won’t be disappointed.

So, who will be speaking at Hive by Honeypot?

Hive by Honeypot is an excellent opportunity to learn from the world’s top Talent Acquisition, HR and Engineering Leaders. Here’s a brief recap of this year’s main speakers and the topics they’ll be discussing to whet your appetite.

Mark Levy: Former AirBnb Employee Experience Pioneer

From HR to Employee Experience

A seasoned HR leader with 30 years of experience, including in HR leadership positions at Levi Strauss, Gap Inc. and Airbnb, Mark Levy pioneered the shift from HR to Employee Experience at Airbnb which has since created significant changes in the way organizations globally organize, reward and treat their people. He now consults companies worldwide on how to create a greater connection between themselves and their employees.

Mark will explain how the shift started and what Employee Experience is all about based on his experience at Airbnb. Mark will be our opening keynote speaker, but even more excitingly, he will also host an intimate workshop.

During the workshop, “participants will analyze their own organization, how they work with their employees and start to consider what it will take to create more two way dialog, to co-create with their employees, and to help the entire company shift towards a new way of working where you set your employees up for success by helping them understand the business needs and treat them the way you want the employees to treat your customer.”

There are just 35 tickets for this workshop. Get one while you still can!

Kevin Goldsmith: VPE @ AstrumU (Former CTO at Avvo, VPE at Spotify, DoE at Adobe)

Using Agile Techniques to Build a More Inclusive Team

A 20+ year veteran of the industry, Kevin Goldsmith has built his career at some of the world’s biggest tech companies, including Microsoft, Adobe and Spotify, where he spent three years as VP of Engineering. He’s pioneered the use of new technologies and development methodologies in multiple organizations and is often invited to speak about building strong engineering teams at conferences internationally.

“Building psychological safety in your teams is critical if you want them to perform at their best. The challenge is how to develop and encourage the trust and collaboration and to make sure that all voices are heard.

The agile community has developed facilitation exercises and tools that make conversations more democratic and inclusive. I have used some of these techniques with my teams for years and have found them incredibly valuable.

I will teach you some of the agile methods that I use for large and small team meetings, brainstorms, and one-on-ones that encourage all team members to participate. These tools also help make sure that all voices are respected and valued.”

Jeri Doris: Chief People Officer @ Delivery Hero (Former Head of HR at Rakuten USA, Global HR Director at Groupon)

Scaling Teams

Jeri Doris

Responsible for all activities having an impact on Employee Experience at Delivery Hero, Jeri Doris has an extensive background in Human Resources and was previously based in Silicon Valley where she was Head of HR at Rakuten USA. Prior to that, she was the Global HR Director of Groupon and specialised in Technology Practice as a Senior HR Business Advisor at Deloitte.

Dr. Martina Niemann: Vice President @ Lufthansa HR Management

Martina Niemann is Vice President of HR Management at Lufthansa, previously she was Chief Human Resources Officer at Air Berlin and held various management positions at Deutsche Bahn. An industry veteran, Martina is passionate about digitizing the Human Resources function.

Aleksandra Gavrilovska: Engineering Manager @ SoundCloud & Director at Women Who Code Berlin

Aleksandra Gavrilovska

Aleksandra Gavrilovska is an Engineering Manager at SoundCloud and Director at Women Who Code Berlin. She has been working in software development for 10 years and has a Master and Bachelor in Computer Science.

Amir Friedman: VPE @ kloeckner.i

Case Study: How we Recruit and Retain Developers at kloeckner.i

Amir Friedman

Amir is VP of Engineering at kloeckner.i, where he leads 30 developers. He is passionate about building high performing teams.

In this talk, Amir will discuss how he recruits the right people for the right teams, how kloeckner.i are building their developer brand and most importantly how they have kept turnover on their engineering team at close to zero.

kloeckner.i is the digital arm of Klöckner & Co, Germany’s largest steel and metal distributor. The company has over 8,000 employees and €6.3 billion revenue in 2017.

We expect to confirm many more speakers in the run up to the conference, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Linkedin for further updates!

Why should you attend Hive by Honeypot?

Community is part of our DNA and guides the way we move forward. While this may be the very first edition of Hive, we regularly organize Tech Talks and HR in Tech meetups in Germany and the Netherlands and are co-organizers of GraphQL Europe!

Not only is #HiveConf18 the ideal place to network with industry peers and local leaders who are facing similar challenges, it’s also a great opportunity to learn how to build strong engineering organizations from the world’s top talent acquisition and engineering leaders!

Getting aligned on acquisition strategy, measuring success, identifying key skills in candidates and retaining software developers are just some of the critical steps in winning tech talent in a hot market and Hive Conference aims to bridge the gap between tech managers and HR people thus touching upon every aspect involved in building great technical teams.

Oh and it goes without saying that we’ll be sure to spoil you with snacks and drinks to keep you energized!

Get your tickets for #HiveConf18!

Sold on the idea of attending Hive by Honeypot and eager to purchase a ticket? Check out the Facebook event below or head over to eventbrite and get yourself an early bird ticket before they run out!

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