The second edition of HiveConf is fast approaching and it promises to be another fantastic opportunity for HR and Talent Acquisition Leaders to gain actionable insights from some of the most respected thought leaders in the industry!

But hey, if you’re still on the fence about the whole thing or just unsure how to convince your manager to let you attend, here’s a quick recap of the main reasons why you’d be mad to miss it (and your manager would be mad not to let you come 😜).

1. We’ve got some awesome speakers lined up

Learn about recruiting talent, empowering your team and HR analytics from some of the biggest local (and global) names in recruitment and engineering, including Kevin Goldsmith (CTO @ Onfido and Former VP of Engineering @ Spotify and Adobe), Leslie Kivit (Global Recruiting @ Oculus VR / Facebook), Eva Glanzer (VP of People @ GetYourGuide) and Maria Gutierrez (Head of Engineering @ Intercom London)!

Kevin Goldsmith

2. Let’s get cozy

To ensure attendees get the full benefits of HiveConf, we’re only selling up to 250 tickets and will be hosting the event in an intimate concert venue in the heart of Kreuzberg. Spend more time learning about relevant and well-curated #HRTech topics and less time running from room to room deciding which session to prioritize next.

Festsaal Kreuzberg

3. Actionable insights you can apply the next day

As well as keynotes and lightning talks that will inspire you to create your own recipes for success, we’ll have case studies and hands-on workshops aimed at providing you with actionable insights and learnings you can bring back to your organization. On top of that, all attendees will be given access to speaker slides following the event so you can easily share your learnings with the rest of your team.

Mark Levy workshop

4. Network ‘til you drop

While the speakers may be the main attraction, you can’t bring 250 HR and Talent Acquisition Leaders, Technical Hiring managers, CTOs and VPs of Engineering under one roof and not expect fireworks. HiveConf is a once-a-year opportunity to exchange with like-minded professionals who are facing similar challenges and looking for solutions of their own.

Networking at HiveConf

5. We’ll take you by the hand

In case you didn’t know, we the organizers (Honeypot, the latest addition to the XING group) are a tech-focused job platform with clients in Germany and the Netherlands and tech recruitment is our bread and butter. We’ll have loads of Honeypotters (AKA HR samaritans) scouring the place, desperate to answer your questions and help you take your tech team to the next level.

Honeypot team

6. The first edition was a blast

It really was! So much so that 97% of the attendees said they’d be likely to come back for HiveConf’19. One attendee even shared that she’d been looking for an intimate HR-Tech conference like HiveConf for years! But you know what they say, videos speak louder than words (technically no one says that but you get the point), so check out the footage below and make up your own minds. 🤩

7. Berlin, baby!

While the whole “I want to go to Berlin to party” angle might not be the best approach when it comes to convincing your boss, who in their right minds would say no to a week-end in Berlin? You know the temptation of kebabs and latte-bearing hipsters is too hard to resist.

Berlin, baby.

So there you have it. HiveConf’19 is bound to be an experience to be remembered (and repeated!) and we’d love to have you with us. Tickets are going fast though, so grab one while you still can!

See you on September 19th!

Stefan Kingham

Stefan Kingham

Stefan is Honeypot's Content Manager. When he's not reaching out for backlinks, Stefan likes to write about tech, make music, and support his beloved AFC.