Jelle initially found his job as a developer at Litera Clocktimizer through Honeypot. Since his promotion to Manager of Software Engineering, he now uses Honeypot as his sole (and favourite) tool to grow and scale his team.

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About Litera Clocktimizer

Litera Clocktimizer is a matter management, pricing, and budgeting platform that uses natural language processing to automatically read time card narratives. It provides law firms insight into tasks, costs, and schedules.

At Litera Clocktimizer, Jelle leads a multidisciplinary and international team of software engineers. One of the most rewarding parts of work at Litera Clocktimizer is that every team member is able to feel their impact on the product and end users. Plus, working within the larger legal tech sphere of their parent company, Litera, provides Jelle’s team the unique opportunity to create valuable connections with other products and teams.

Quote: Honestly, Litera Clocktimizer is the best product that I have worked on so far. Also thanks to the fantastic and talented team, it's just a great place to be.

The challenge

Busy schedule

Jelle juggles multiple roles, including software engineer, team manager, hiring manager, and tech recruiter, leaving him with little time for sourcing and hiring.

Low inbounds quality

Jelle tried posting job openings on a popular job platform. He remembers the experience with slight agony. Out of 130 applications, only 2 were relevant, causing him to waste valuable time.

Quote: Posting a job ad was close to horrible for us. 95% of the CVs that I had to read through were simply irrelevannt. That ate up my time.

The solution

Convenient sourcing process

With Honeypot, Jelle needs only 15 minutes each week to source candidates. Because all talents on Honeypot are actively searching for work, Jelle is able to focus on finding candidates who fit his key criteria such as location, salary range, and necessary and desirable skills. ‘Honeypot is really convenient,’ he says. ‘You practically lay out the offer before you send an interview invite.’

Shortened time-to-hire

Thanks to Honeypot’s detailed talent profiles, Jelle is able to quickly learn all he needs to know about a candidate, including soft skills, work motivation, community contributions, and more. This enables him to skip the first rounds of interviews, reducing his hiring journey from 3 months to 3 weeks.

Quote: Using Honeypot, you can simply find candidates that fall perfectly within your scope. That makes the hiring journey so efficient.


The results of Litera Clocktimizer’s collaboration with Honeypot were impressive.

They decreased the time-to-hire by 60% compared to a popular sourciing platform. With an 1:4 interview to hire ratio and 80% inverview acceptance rate they were able to effectively grow their tech team.

Download detailed success story

Jelle on reasons why the best candidates come from Honeypot

“We like to say ‘The best people come from Honeypot!’ When people ask why that is, we respond: ‘We were hired through Honeypot, so that says enough, doesn’t it?’.

But in all seriousness, I’ve seen both sides of the Honeypot platform and always had a great experience with it. I highly recommend it.”

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