80% of recruiters believe they have a good understanding of the jobs they are recruiting for, but just 39% of hiring managers agree. Why does this startling disconnect between recruiters and hiring managers exist?

More often than not it comes down to workflow. Workflow complications are the result of disconnects on procedures, roles, and responsibilities, the outcome of some organizational design and leadership team misalignment.

But, trust me, they are solvable.

Honeypot users with streamlined workflows hire faster and hire better. And most importantly, candidates tend to be happier. Berlin’s biggest and best recruiting teams have streamlined their workflow using Honeypot. Here’s some tips on how to follow suit:

1. Get your hiring manager a login to Honeypot

The hiring manager is the person making the ultimate decision on which developer gets hired. So get them their own personal login! Your life will suddenly get a lot easier…

2. Encourage your hiring manager to save their favourite developers

In our top performing companies, the hiring manager logs in once a week, on Mondays, copies the links of the profiles they like and sends them to the recruiter.


3. Send personalized interview invites to the saved developers

The recruiter then assesses the saved profiles and sends personalized interview invites on behalf of the team. For example:

“Our CTO saw your profile, he likes your open source contributions. I see you have four years of fulltime JavaScript experience. You seem perfect for the position of Senior Frontend Developer at our company. Lets chat!.”

4. Set up interviews

Set up the interview with the candidate together with your hiring manager. Easy! No messy back and forth, just a clear procedure which lets you go from candidate sourcing to candidate interview in less than a week.

As a recruiter, setting up an effective hiring process within your startup will save you immeasurable time. It will mean more effort spent on the quality of hires for your company and ensuring the best hiring experience for your candidates.

As a former in-house recruiter myself, I understand that good developers, like the best talents in any industry, don’t wait around for lengthy interview cycles or hefty decision-making processes!

So the only thing left to ask is, does your CTO have a login for Honeypot yet? :)

Ewe Grajko

Ewe Grajko

Ewelina is an Account Manager at Honeypot. She is from Poland and before moving to Berlin, she lived in Copenhagen. She loves Scandinavian languages, tries to read a book a month and is addicted to Friends.