Projektionisten is often on the lookout for great, new developers, and they were recently looking to hire two German-speaking developers to join their tech team. To achieve this, they decided to turn to Honeypot. After conducting just six interviews on the platform, Projektionisten made three hires.

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About Projektionisten

Projektionisten specializes in UX/UI conception, design, and software development. For the past 20 years, they’ve been helping companies to achieve digital transformation.

By creating a challenging work environment that unleashes employee creativity and self development, Projektionisten is able to build a positive work environment that lets their team solve problems effectively.

The challenge

In order to move quickly, the Projektionisten team does not have a dedicated recruitment department.

Instead, a small team consisting of the CEO, a relevant Team Lead, and a designated team member handles the hiring process for each open position.

While this provides many upsides, it can also create challenges when hiring in a competitive landscape.

Quote: We empower team leads to take charge of the hiring process for their projects, but traditional hiring platforms are too time-consuming.

Lack of focus time for hiring

Most recruiters dedicate several hours a day to the recruiting process. For the hiring team at Projektionisten, this is not possible.

Hiring team leads and team members cannot devote all their working hours to recruitment. They do not have the time for active sourcing nor do they practice ‘employee poaching’.

Finding experienced candidates

Projektionisten often partners with universities in order to source tech talent.

While the channel is very effective and creates a great pipeline for new talent to enter the workforce, it makes it difficult for Projektionisten to find senior-level candidates.

The solution

Projektionisten turned to Honeypot in hopes that the platform could connect them with the right talent without distracting them from the team’s core work. Not only were they successful on the platform, Honeypot helped them exceed their hiring expectations thanks to two key factors.

Quote: Honeypot is a great place for hiring because the talent is actively looking for a job and wants to talk. That's why it's so efficient!

Access to active job seekers

With Honeypot’s pre-vetted talent pool, Projektionisten’s team leads can find active job seekers without worrying that their newfound candidate is not actually interested in changing jobs.

Fast and easy recruiting process

With Honeypot, Projektionisten needs only a few hours each month to source new candidates.

Using Honeypot’s high powered search functions, the hiring team can quickly find available talent that matches their open roles, download talent’s resumes, and discuss their top picks with the broader team.


The results of Projektionisten’s collaboration with Honeypot were impressive.

With access to Honeypot’s pre-vetted talent pool, the team was able to find the right talent quickly and efficiently.

They received an impressive 83% interview invite response rate and were able to quickly conduct six interviews on the platform. As a result, they hired three German-speaking developers to join their tech team.

Honeypot partnership enabled the Projektionisten team streamline the recruitment process, saving them time and money, and helped them overcome their challenges.

Download detailed success story

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