Tech talent can be hard to reach, especially for startups like neoworx, who don’t enjoy the same brand recognition as established brands. Honeypot’s reverse recruitment model helped Oxana, Senior HR Manager at neoworx, attract relevant talent and make hires in an average of 37 days.

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About neoworx

Founded in 2019, neoworx idevelops custom software and IT solutions. They nurture a non-hierarchical spirit and highly value collaboration and creative freedom within their team.

As Oxana explains: ‘Developers at neoworx choose their tech stack as well as the projects they work on. They get the freedom of a freelancer with the safety of a permanent position’.

The challenge

Attracting qualified tech talent

Like many companies, neoworx relied on traditional recruitment methods such as job board advertisements and active sourcing on social platforms like Linkedin.

Despite their best efforts, they were not receiving enough responses from potential candidates.

Quote: We were struggling to drive responses to our job advertisements, hence we struggled to fill our pipeline with qualified tech professionals

The solution

Reverse recruiting approach

Honeypot’s reverse recruitment model turns the recruitment process on its head. Instead of candidates applying for open roles, companies ‘apply’ to the tech talent.

With this method, neoworx was able to reach skilled tech professionals and increase brand awareness among relevant talent.

Shortened time to hire

Oxana greatly values the direct access Honeypot provides to tech talent. Every candidate profile on the platform includes comprehensive details about their professional experience, work motivation, and soft skills.

Furthermore, every talent on Honeypot is actively searching for a new role. Now Oxana is able to make a hire in as little as 15 days.

Quote: Our goal was to attract great new colleagues, and Honeypot made that happen.


The implementation of Honeypot’s reverse recruitment approach yielded impressive outcomes for neoworx.

Their average time to hire was significantly reduced to just 37.2 days, marking a substantial improvement from their previous recruitment methods.

With an interview acceptance rate of 85%, neoworx successfully attracted highly qualified professionals who were eager to explore opportunities within the company.

This fruitful collaboration with Honeypot led to the successful hiring of 5 skilled developers who have since become integral members of the neoworx team.

Download detailed success story

Oxana’s tips for reaching talent on Honeypot

Oxana believes in the importance of personalized communication and prompt responsiveness when engaging with talent.

According to her, taking the time to personalize the messages sent to potential candidates and swiftly responding to their inquiries is crucial to capturing their attention on Honeypot platform.

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