Honeypot was up against some tough competition with the likes of Recruitsy, Talent Savant, Job Pal and Recruiterly also competing for the award and we’re absolutely thrilled, chuffed, stoked / whatever-other-word-you-want-to-use-for-excited to say that we won Recruiting Startup of the Year at Hiring Success 18 in San Francisco!

For real, we smashed it. But “how did it go down?” we hear you ask.

After an intense social media battle in which we were selected as one of the five finalists to pitch at Smart Recruiters’ third annual #hire18 competition, battling it out with a variety of HR products in the process, our co-founder Emma Tracey jetted off to San Francisco to make our case for first place in front of 1,000+ Talent Acquisition leaders and executives at Hiring Success 18.

For those who may not be familiar with it, Hiring Success is an annual HR-focused conference organized by Smart Recruiters that aims to provide exposure to fledgling HR startups and innovation in the HR space in general.

Overseen by an impressive judging panel of investors, C-suites and analysts, the five remaining finalists then pitched their products in an aim to get their hands on the all-important prizes: $10,000 in media spend, gold level sponsorship at next year’s Hiring Success conference and an article by Talent Tech Labs’ executive director Jonathan Kestenbaum.

As you can see in the video above, Emma crushed it for Honeypot and the judges were particularly impressed by how our platform has been able to turn candidates into active players in the employment search.

Other interested observers were taken aback by the cuteness of our logo and stickers…

While some people were visibly intrigued by our name… 😳

But ultimately, all pitches were evaluated on the same criteria, the focus being on each startup’s vision, how innovative their product is, how much traction it’s been getting and to what extent they’re able to articulate their vision on stage.

Here’s a short recap of our cofounder’s pitch:

1. Vision: Candidate-Led Recruitment

Central to every startup is the vision of the founders. Vision gives meaning to work. It lets us set our goals and is the foundation of our strategy. Everyone knows how difficult it is to hire developers and build great tech teams. But, to us, this is one part of the problem. Even more striking is the difficulties tech talents face in finding the perfect job - to find the right team, the right product, the right tech stack. Honeypot was born from the desire to solve this problem, always keeping in mind the candidate’s perspective.

2. Innovation: Strong Technical Foundation

Our product is driven by simplicity - one central profile for great tech talents and a reverse recruitment model. The jury also recognized the strong technical foundation of Honeypot in our automated screening process and the AI we’re working on that powers the match between companies and talents.

3. Traction: Impressive Growth On All Fronts

You might have a great vision and an innovative approach but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. This is where Emma talked about our revenue growth, the number of sign ups from developers and the number of companies that are currently working with us.

We couldn’t be prouder and it’s an absolute honor to be awarded first prize at such a prestigious event, pitted against such fierce competition! It really inspires us to keep believing in and working on our mission of getting every developer a great job.

PS: The trophy is now sitting pretty in our Berlin office - maybe we should invest in a shelf for it?

Recruiting Startup of the Year Trophy

Thanks once again to Smart Recruiters for this awesome opportunity, we can’t wait to see you next year!

Jelle Groot

Jelle Groot

Jelle is Honeypot's Country Manager for the Netherlands. Jelle left his career in finance to join the fast-paced world of startups. He likes to try to be creative in both the kitchen and on the football pitch (both with mixed results).