SoSafe, a fast-growing tech company based in Germany, had been relying heavily on external agencies for recruitment, which was both expensive and limited their control over the recruitment process. To address the high cost per hire, Nico joined the team as a Talent Acquisition Partner.

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About SoSafe

SoSafe is a leading provider of security awareness solutions in Europe. Their platform creates automated and engaging cyber security awareness training programs at scale.

As one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Germany, they’ve been named ‘Soonicorn’ and won three gold Cybersecurity Excellence Awards in 2023.

SoSafe's employee photo

Nico and his colleagues prioritize finding candidates that fit SoSafe’s vibrant, ambitious, and collaborative company culture. To attract tech talent, they highlight the usage of the newest technologies, opportunities for growth, and flexible work arrangements.

Quote: We are proud of the learning opportunities we offer. One month at SoSafe feels like six in terms of gained experience.

The challenge

High hiring cost

As previously mentioned, SoSafe heavily relied on external agencies to fill their open positions. This approach to recruiting not only increased their cost per hire but also gave them limited control over the recruitment process.

The newly established hiring team decided to counter this by bringing the recruitment back in-house.

Low effectiveness of hiring channels

SoSafe’s recruiting team was swamped with work. At one point, Nico recalls, each recruiter had up to 30 open positions to fill.

Despite their best efforts, the ‘post and pray’ approach resulted in bringing in unqualified candidates.

On the other side, the active sourcing approach brought them veery few answers.

Nico and his team were struggling to find a cost-effective solution that would help them find qualified candidates in a timely and cost effective manner.

The solution

While testing different hiring channels, a fellow recruiter tipped Nico off about Honeypot. Nico decided to give it a try.

Quote: As we were testing different channels, Honeypot stood out as the sweet spot between 'post and pray' and active sourcing.

Reduced sourcing time

Sourcing on Honeypot differs significantly from active sourcing. Honeypot’s reverse recruitment model allowed SoSafe’s team to find qualified candidates quickly.

While active sourcing previously brought Nico very few responses, he says Honeypot connected him with his exact target group. Since all the talent is prescreened for their skills and job-change intent, Nico and his team enjoyed shorter candidate response times and increased response rates.

On Honeypot, fresh talent goes live every Monday, enabling the SoSafe team to organize and find relevant candidates as soon as they appear on the platform. By logging onto Honeypot every Monday, the SoSafe team was able to complete a week’s worth of sourcing in just 40 minutes.

As Nico says, they no longer “need to invest so much time to get great results.”

Reduced cost per hire

By choosing Honeypot over external agencies and countless job ads, SoSafe was able to cut down its recruiting costs by 60%.

With Honeypot, SoSafe was able to fill their open positions with qualified candidates without breaking the bank.

Quote: If were talking about cost per hire, Honeypot is way cheaper than external agencies or running job ads.


SoSafe achieved impressive results by partnering with Honeypot.

Compared to a popular sourcing platform, they saw a 230% increase in response rate and a 145% increase in interview acceptance rate.

Using Honeypot also helped reduce their cost per hire by 60% compared to external recruitment agencies.

Recommendations for successful hiring on Honeypot

Nico shared three recommendations for successful hiring on Honeypot:

  1. Add positions immediately when onboarded so that you can easily find matching talents
  2. Take some time to create compelling templates to streamline the interview invite process
  3. Connect the Honeypot platform to an ATS if you’re using one.

SoSafe’s partnership with Honeypot provided a cost-effective solution to their recruitment process while also delivering impressive results. By using the platform, SoSafe was able to reduce its hiring costs while finding qualified candidates in a timely manner.

SoSafe’s recruitment team gained the time to focus on other aspects of the recruitment process, such as streamlining the interview invite process.

Download detailed success story

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