Enpal’s tech recruiting team leverages Honeypot to connect with relevant tech talent. The platform’s detailed candidate profiles, coupled with the high engagement of talent, significantly reduce the time and effort required to fill open positions.

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About Enpal

Enpal’s goal is to create the biggest renewable energy community in Europe. Their employees enjoy an exciting and flexible environment that embraces change and welcomes new ideas.

Their team of seven full-time tech recruiters, led by Sandra Strauch, takes pride in giving tech talents not only the opportunity to join Enpal but also to be part of a company that is addressing real-world challenges.

The challenge

Finding relevant talent

Enpal’s tech recruiters utilize a range of sourcing channels. However, candidates do not often share any substantial information online regarding their work preferences.

As a result, inviting them for interviews ‘is often a stab in the dark’.

Low response rate

When active sourcing, the biggest struggle is often driving responses from candidates. This only adds to the time pressure, and Sandra says: ‘There’s never enough time to contact and screen all the relevant people’.

Quote: Active sourcing is like taking a stab in the dark, reaching out to candidates without knowing who they really are. And on top of that, you rarely even get a response from them.

The solution

Detailed talent profiles

Honeypot’s talent pool, with detailed profiles and listed salary expectations, has been invaluable to Sandra’s team.

It helps recruiters exclude candidates outside their salary range, saving time and effort.

Responsive candidates

Sandra’s tech recruiting team loves that they get access to over 300 new candidates actively looking for job changes on Honeypot every week.

These candidates are highly responsive, which helps the team speed up the recruitment process.

Quote: Honeypot's approach, where companies apply to talent, is a perfect fit for the candidate-driven market. It only takes us 30 minutes per week to shortlist candidates–and their response rate is outstanding.


Enpal’s collaboration with Honeypot has delivered impressive results.

They achieved a high talent response rate of 93%, indicating successful engagement with relevant tech professionals.

More impressively the interview acceptance rate stood at an excellent 80%.

Notably, the average time to hire was reduced to just 32 days, thanks to Honeypot’s efficient recruitment platform.

These outcomes highlight the positive impact of the partnership in swiftly attracting top tech talent for Enpal’s continued growth.

Download detailed success story

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