In the startup world, CTIOs like Christian juggle both team leadership and talent acquisition. It can be a real struggle to manage such important areas of work, but once Christian discovered Honeypot, he was able to hire new team members in as little as 20 days. That’s 80% faster than before he used Honeypot.

About Casculate

  • Working location: Germany
  • Tech team headcount: 8
  • Tech stacks: Python, React, Django, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, PostgreSQL, Tensorflow

Established in 2021, Casculate is at the forefront of transforming the manufacturing industry through its AI-powered SaaS solution, providing real-time pricing for the market.

CTIO Christian Recalde says he joined the company because he believes so strongly in their product. As he often says, ‘We are building an expert system, not a system for experts.’

The challenge

Christian needed to expand his team in order to keep up with growing technical needs. However, all of the channels he was using shared one common issue: identifying suitable candidates required a substantial amount of time and energy.

Christian has to sift through numerous CVs, and many applicants failed to meet even the basic role requirements.

Unreliable candidates

Even when Christian was able to schedule interviews with candidates who were relevant and qualified, he soon found that many were not serious about the process.

A significant number of candidates dropped out of the hiring process due to a lack of commitment to changing roles, leaving Christian back at the beginning of the hiring process.

Quote: Frequently, I scheduled interviews with candidates who had no real interest in changing jobs. I wasted a lot of my time.

The solution

Open to work talent

Unlike most channels, every talent Christian finds on Honeypot is actively seeking a new role.

This is why he likens using Honeypot to fishing in a pool where the fish want to be caught.

Upfront salary expectations

On Honeypot, every candidate has a detailed profile that includes their salary expectations.

This helps Christian quickly shortlist compatible candidates and avoid wasting time only to find out that such crucial expectations do not align.

Faster hiring

Christian not only had a better experience on Honeypot, but he was also able to cut his hiring time by 80%, successfully hiring his first candidate in just 20 days.

Quote: There's no faster way to find qualified tech talent than Honeypot.’


Casculate’s collaboration with Honeypot has yielded impactful results.

Maintaining a perfect talent response rate and a talent interview acceptance rate of 100%, Casculate successfully found the right talent pool on Honeypot.

They achieved an impressive 80% decrease in sourcing time, signaling a substantial enhancement in efficiency.

Christian on his first hire using Honeypot

Christian notes: ‘Honeypot’s platform is so intuitive that I found suitable candidates even before my first conversation with my CSM.

I had access to the platform for just 15 minutes before our initial meeting, and during that time, I discovered candidates whom I subsequently interviewed and ultimately hired.’

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