Startups often have difficulty forming their first tech teams. Konstantin, the Head of Operations at Valuecase, encountered this exact problem. He tried various methods to recruit tech talent and after trial and error, found that Honeypot was the most effective option for the job. In the end, 80% of Valuecase’s tech team was hired through Honeypot.

About Valuecase

  • Working location: Hamburg, Berlin, DE
  • Tech team headcount: 5
  • Tech stacks: Typescript, NestJS, React

Valuecase’s software helps sales teams collaborate with customers by creating personalised workspaces that contain all the information they need in one place.

Konstantin has been with the company from the very beginning. Since 2022, he has dedicated a quarter of his working hours to finding new talent.

When interviewing candidates, he likes to highlight the exciting chance to join a company in the early stages of creating a new product category which offers ample opportunities for professional growth.

The challenge

Hiring urgency

With the tech team empty apart from the CTO, Konstantin had to quickly assemble a team of developers from scratch.

This was an essential first step for Valuecase to start making important improvements to their product.

Finding the right developers

Despite trying numerous channels, including external recruiters, VC networks, and active sourcing, Konstantin still struggled to achieve his desired results.

The candidates, unfortunately, rarely met the role requirements or fit his hiring budget.

Quote: Building a tech team at the beginning of 2022 was a major challenge. I spent a lot of time scheduling interviews, but the candidates didn't fit what we were looking for. I couldn't afford to waste time like that.

The solution

Streamlined sourcing

Konstantin optimised Valuecase’s tech talent sourcing process by utilising the Honeypot platform and its numerous handy features.

Every week he can now easily review new matches for his roles and quickly invite suitable candidates for an interview.

In fact, with Honeypot he now spends only one-third of the time he used to need for talent sourcing.

Simple talent evaluation

Developers on Honeypot list their tech skills and work motivation, allowing Konstantin to assess them on a deeper level. For example, he can get a better sense of how the developer will perform in a fast-paced startup environment.

This makes finding relevant candidates much easier, saving Konstantin time and ensuring that new team members are more likely to succeed.

Quote: In my experience, the talent on Honeypot is really engaged and of great quality. It's much easier and less tiring than active sourcing. You also see better results faster.


Using Honeypot’s innovative recruitment approach has significantly improved Valuecase’s hiring success.

The sourcing time for talent has experienced a notable threefold decrease, demonstrating the enhanced efficiency of the revamped recruitment strategy.

Additionally, the average time to hire has been notably reduced to a swift 25 days.

Due to this enhanced efficiency, Valuecase found Honeypot highly valuable and ultimately hired 80% of their entire tech team through the platform.

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