It’s a tricky time to hire. The cumulative effects of COVID, the Great Resignation, and global economic shifts have led to a scarcity of skilled tech workers in Germany. The problem is both Europe-wide—where the Korn Ferry Institute found that by 2030 the tech industry labor-skill shortage will reach 14.3 million workers—and specific to Germany, where Bitkom reported that 96,000 vacancies for IT experts in Germany remained unfilled in 2021.

That means that if you’re looking for top tech talent, you’re competing with the rest of Germany to find, attract, and hire the best candidates. More than ever, it’s important to know what you’re up against, which is why Honeypot has published our comprehensive breakdown of developer salaries. Now, we’re bringing you new numbers and additional information to give anyone hiring tech talents the German salary benchmarks they need. With these insights, you can make better decisions as you prepare a salary offer, plan budgets, and understand how your current salaries perform against the market.

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Current tech salaries in Germany

The average salary for a developer in Germany depends on their role and years of experience, with significant jumps the more senior the developer is.

Average offered tech salary per role and years of experience 2022

Average offered tech salary by role and years of experience in Germany 2022

Average salaries change, too, depending on where the company is based. Keep in mind that the highest average salary won’t always win out: talents compare the cost of living with their wage. You might find the highest average salary in Munich, but there’s better value in Berlin’s tech scene, which offers generous salaries with a lower cost of living.

Average offered tech salary per German city in 2022

The takeaway

Always put the salary range in your job description. Failing to do so makes salary negotiations harder, as you’re not correctly setting the candidate’s expectations. You might also attract candidates who are off the scale, wasting everyone’s time!

Offered vs expected salaries

As tech talent shortages grow more pronounced, companies are ramping up salary offerings. This means that there’s now a gap between the salaries talents expect and the salaries being offered.

Expected salary by role and years of experience 2022

Average expected tech salary per role and years of experience

As you can see, the difference is particularly pronounced in junior roles. For example, there’s a 27% difference between the average estimated salary for junior frontend (€50,600) and the average offered salary for senior frontend developers (€66,700). Even in more senior roles, expectations are still lower than companies are offering.

In order to get the full picture and break down tech salaries further by gender, talent location, language skils, company size etc. download the full report.

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