Ever wondered where the developers using Honeypot come from?

Well, all around the world according to our data! Germany, Russia and Brazil take the number one, two and three spots. 69.7% of developers on Honeypot come from Europe 12.5% from South America 9.6% from Asia, 4.2% from Africa and 3.2% from North America.

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Every developer who signs up on Honeypot has a call with a Talent Rep and needs to complete a code review before becoming visible to companies. 15% of people who signup make it to this point because Honeypot is where the best developers meet the best companies!

And even better, Honeypot provides free visa support to all developers relocating from outside of the EU who get hired over our platform.

Join Honeypot and make your next hire within 28 days.

Emma Tracey

Emma Tracey

Emma is Co-Founder at Honeypot. Emma looks after Product and Marketing and loves working closely with users to deliver new features.