Update: We recently analysed 12,000 data points to find out what developers are being paid across the Netherlands today. We found that the average developer earns €56k.

Find the rest of our report, including salaries by experience, role and more here.

Did you know Amsterdam boasted Europe’s fastest broadband speeds, is ranked fourth globally in app invention and development and was named Europe’s best tech city to work in by Hubspot?

Now that’s one heck of a track record, but hardly surprising considering it’s home to a talent pool of over 250,000 tech professionals and Silicon Valley companies themselves have set up shop in the city.

With so many innovative companies on the prowl for tech talent, it’s fair to say the demand for developers in Amsterdam is higher than ever before, but what does that mean for tech salaries in Amsterdam?

We gathered data from our platform to make the following infographic. The data is taken from offers which have been sent to our talents since January 2017 and gives some insight into average salaries for developers in Amsterdam.

Tech Salaries 2018 Amsterdam Infographic

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Stefan Kingham

Stefan Kingham

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