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Home to a host of startup hubs, angel investors and seasoned tech companies, Germany’s tech scene has grown considerably over the last few years to become one of the most prominent in Europe.

The way we do business is changing and more and more of the modern workforce is being made up of engineering talent, much to the delight of job-seeking programmers.

But what does that mean for tech salaries in Germany? How much can a software engineer earn in Germany in 2018?

What is the Average Software Developer Salary in Germany?

The average salary for a software developer in Germany with median experience is €55,300. More experienced developers can expect a salary in the range of €63,200, while new software developers typically get €44,700.

Which Software Developer Role Pays Best?

Again, it depends on the level of experience and job title: the highest starting salary is for Backend developers, who can earn as much as €70,000 upon starting. For engineers with median-to-extensive experience, full-stack developers are the highest paid in the €85-€120,000 range.

Which Cities in Germany Pay Software Developers Best?

Developer salaries are similar in Germany’s main tech hubs of Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich: for starting developers, companies in Munich pay slightly higher average salaries, though Hamburg and Berlin companies pay senior software engineers slightly more than Hamburg companies.

Software Developer in Germany: Job Description & Roles

Software developers utilize programming languages to build and implement applications designed to perform specific tasks. A Bachelor’s degree or higher is typically required to get a job as a software developer. Roles & duties include:

Researching, building, and implementing apps and programs

  • System testing and validation
  • Writing code
  • Debugging software
  • Evaluating software-hardware interfaces

FAQ about Software Developer Salaries in Germany

What is the average salary of a software engineer in Germany?

For a software development worker in Germany with median experience, the average salary is €55,300.

Which country pays the highest salary to software engineers?

Norway has the highest software engineer salaries, with an average pay of €70,776, followed by Israel at $70,296. Germany is #5 on the list.

How much does a software developer make?

Developers with the most years of experience earn an average of €63,200 (though it can go much higher), while starting salaries typically average €44,700.

Tech Salaries 2018 Germany Infographic

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