Ada Lovelace is a household name for most technology enthusiasts, but when asked to name other influential women in technology, this often turns out to be quite challenging. Technology and science have traditionally been considered male-dominated fields, so perhaps it’s not so surprising that only 12% of engineers are women, despite of the fact that women make up 47% of the total work force.

While it’s fair to say that women are underrepresented in tech today, their contribution to modern computer science has been far from minor. Ada is accompanied by a range of spectacular women who have all helped shape tech as we know it today. This includes Grete Hermann, whose doctoral thesis laid the foundation for computerised algebra, Evelyn Boyd Granville, who worked on the Project Mercury space programmes, and Marissa Mayer, the first female Google engineer who now happens to be the CEO of Yahoo!

For your convenience, Honeypot has created this handy infographic displaying a neat timeline highlighting remarkable women in tech throughout history:


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If you’re keen to learn more about the inspiring ladies mentioned in the infographic, we’ve created this list of convenient resources for you below:

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